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How do you say: "That boy ain’t right" in Tainish?

How do you say: "That boy ain’t right" in Tainish?

Paradox Space questions


Is anyone else wondering where Gamzee got the bunny from?

Probably pulled it out of that hat.


My grandmother died a few hours ago. If you compulsively stalk my posts on other sites, you probably know that she’s been in the hospital recently and wasn’t doing well. Today, though, I got the 7 AM call that she had died.

It’s an interesting experience because I haven’t actually lost a family…

This reminds me of how I felt when my Grandpa died, well, the one I knew better anyway.  He was the first family member I knew that I lost as well, and so far also the closest family member I’ve lost.

When I first heard the news I frowned slightly since that’s what you’re supposed to do when people tell you someone’s dead.  I basically made an effort to appear sort of sad more out of politeness to my family than anything else since the truth was that I honestly didn’t know how I should feel in that circumstance.

My point of view, though I’d never have said it at the time, was basically “That’s too bad but It’s alright overall since I rarely talked to or spent time with him.”  For a while I was conflicted thinking, “Shouldn’t I feel more sad than this?”  Really it wasn’t until I saw his corpse at the funeral that that background tension melted away.

I saw it there with the loose skin on his face pulling down, widening his lips and accentuating his chin.  He looked kind of frog like.  It was obvious that the body lacked the spark of life.  Based on those factors while it bore an exact resemblance to my Grandpa, it also didn’t look like him at all.

It was a husk, a shell.  The Grandpa I knew and loved had left it behind while he went elsewhere.  And seeing as I believe Heaven is real and that my Grandpa went there it was at that moment that instead of feeling sad or confused, I felt happy for him.  It made me realize that I don’t want people to be sad at my own funeral, for I will have gone on to a better place.

Not that I’d really have any say in the matter, though.  Funerals aren’t really for the dead anyway.  Why would the dead care?  They are there for those who remain.  And no one should feel obligated to feel anything other than what they are feeling.

ParadoxSpace, the comic, strikes me more as high end fan fiction, rather than an expansion of the background events and characters. What's your take on it?


  1. You say that like it’s a bad thing,
  2. And I don’t think there’s quite as much difference between the two as you would imagine.

As Andrew put it:

Those who like HS are extremely fond of the characters, yet those characters are trapped - “stuck” if you will - inside a very particular narrative, which itself has been at the mercy of my ability to produce it. So when I think about the future of Homestuck, I envision projects which liberate the things people love about it from the story itself, and most importantly, from my intensive personal effort.

Subtract the bit about Andrew’s personal effort, here, and focus more on the narrative they’re stuck in. We love seeing Homestuck’s characters do things together, even when those things are totally irrelevant to anything. As a fandom, we’ve made fanart and mini-comics galore for that sake. This just formalizes the characters’ liberation from a narrative that doesn’t have as much room for fucking around as we would like to see. The logic behind it is solid and welcome.

Not to mention an official site like Paradox Space can properly monetize on all this fanfiction momentum.  Should they choose to do so.

Though I do still like and enjoy paradoxspace.com

You can’t play in lava.

Goddamnit, Jade/Hussie.

Did you ever play any Zelda games?


Yeah! My favourite’s Link to the Past. It’s up there with Portal as a flawless game.

Never played the 3D titles. Didn’t own the required consoles.

ALTTP is my favorite too, and I’ve played the 3D titles (which are also awesome, mind, ALTTP just rocks hard).


I need to stop making these before I go to bed … they always end up with some mistake :P

Um… “release” vs “realize.”


I need to stop making these before I go to bed … they always end up with some mistake :P

Um… “release” vs “realize.”

The things you don’t release until they ocher.

The things you don’t release until they ocher.


Tomorrow I’m going to start rereading Homestuck and draw each character as they’re introduced in the comic, and some people said it sounded like fun and they’d like to do it as well, so I’m putting a little system in place

I’m going to be tagging all the drawings ‘rereading adventure’ so if you want to join in feel free to do the same, it’d be fun to see all of your guys’ drawings!

Sounds like a neat idea.  Anyone watching “#Rereading Adventure” should now be prepare for some awful drawings  from me.

If Unsounded were a musical, what would the vocal ranges be for the main cast? 8P



I think Anon decided that Quigley was a tenor and Duane and Toma are baritones. You’ll have to fill in the rest :)

I did a super in-depth analysis of this in the “respond” thingy, and then I realised that that was a super bad idea and I should have just reblogged.  

Sette:  All young girls are sopranos.  ALL.  Sette is probably a little screechy and off-key.

Elka: SOLID contra.

Vienne:  Airy soprano*.  Not bright, but also not very dark or dramatic.  

Starfish:  Baritone.

Ephsephin:  Does it matter?  His only lines in songs are screams.

Bastion:  what I fondly call a baritenor; his tessitura is in the baritone-ish zone, but he doesn’t have much of a falsetto tone, which is a characteristic of a tenor.  He’s probably very smoky, from practise (he would so, SO go for what we might call a sexy lounge singer tone) and by nature (he is slight and his abdomen isn’t really spacious or developed enough to support big sound)

Lemuel:  Big, brassy tenor.

Matty:  Treble

Boo:  Bass

And I deny Anon’s authority; Duane is probably a bass.  And he’d be played by an opera singer.  Who would then overdo it as much as possible, almost to the point of satire, because Duane is kinda silly.

Toma is a bright baritone.  For sure.  

Rahm is a bass.  

Iori was an alto as a young woman, but now she’s aged into a contra.

Jivi is currently a breaking tenor, but he’ll become a baritone.  

Anyone else?

*All plats are probably high-voiced and have thin tones, as their frailty and slight builds do not lend themselves to bigger sounds.

I basically can’t not imagine Starfish having an enviously glorious voice.  His solos over his monstrous acts of cruelty could bring down the house alone.